The patients who got through one or more unsuccessful rhinoplasty or the patients who are not satisfied with the result even if their operation is successful are the canditates for ‘Revision Rhinoplasty’. The candidates for Revision Rhinoplasty is unfortunately accustomed to this description. This time they want justifiably to make a choice quite more carefully in order not to live the unhappiness they have experienced before. Considering psychological dimension of Revision Rhinoplasty ,the necessity for a rather meticulous and careful study, formed with experience, to be able to make a disappointed patient happy again is inevitable. However, the rate of success in Revision Rhinoplasty is unfortunately lower than the one in Primer Rhinoplasty.In Dr. Hüseyin BALIKCI’s clinical trials success rate in Primer Rhinoplasty (the rate of happy patient) is 93%, the success rate in Revision Rhinoplasty (the rate of happy patient) is 80%. We continue working with all our power in order to make this rate 100%.

In many cases, even if the cartilages remained from previous operations are enough, the other handicap in Revision Rhinoplasty is the fact that nose and ribcage cartilage can be needed in case of lack of cartilage.